Lake trips and a grand imagination

We are going for a quick trip to the Lake.  This lake has a beach and slides and even some  70’s style accommodations.

I’m gonna give you some insight into my vacation planning abilities and previous vacation history.

I hate planning vacations.  I crazy love spontaneous road trips, where we have no idea where we are going, where we are going to sleep at night and where we leave room for chance encounters with amazing new friends.  It makes me feel young and carefree.  It makes my husband feel like I’m being careless.  He sees no fun in spontaneous road trips.

So, now that we have kids, and it’s taken me 8 years to get here, I try to plan our vacations.  The only way I can muscle through is to imagine (pretend) that the Lake is really the resort from Dirty Dancing, and I’m Baby and Bill is Patrick Swayze and we are going to dance the night away (when the kids go to bed).  Oops – did I reveal too much?  images (2)


This is where my mind goes.  To say it’s a bit unrealistic is just down right laughable.

We have a good time, especially the kids, but it’s not real romantic.  If you happen to see us at the lake, just know that I’m waiting for this song to queue up any minute.

Life’s funny, especially if your already laughing.


*Bill just confirmed that he hated Dirty Dancing.

Christmas Vacation Movie Jam

During the Christmas vacation, which is not over (jam dancing while writing), I’ve been watching movies.  For me, this is like living dangerously and loving it.

So I started off with a gift movie from our office manager.


*It’s funny and has a good natured, “Mom, chill out” theme.

Then I moved onto this series.  I watched all the first season while nursing a little girl through the every 2 hour throw ups.

home fires

Now I’m starting the three disc set of POLDARK! I’m so excited and since it’s vacation, I’m gonna pretend I’m back in college and stay up all night! I kind of hate to rush through watching it, but it’s going to happen.


So, do you have any suggestions for what else I should watch?   Please tell me because I have several more days to cram in frivolous movie watching.


The Valley

We went to my old home a few weeks ago.  Not all of the family got to go, but never the less, it was a trek worth documenting.

Holly and I have had the privilege of working with my brother and sister-in law on their business and home projects. Sometimes I think they create projects to entice us to visit (it works).  I realized that it had been 3 years since we last visited, that’s just not nice to do to family. Shame on me.  The pool project was finished, so we had to come see how it turned out.

Anyway, we road tripped down to the Valley, stopping to see my Grandmother in Dallas.  It was her birthday the following monday, so our scheduled visit was just in time!


Then we drove down through Waco and stopped at Magnolia Market.




We finally made it down to the Valley, and there were many treats awaiting the kiddos.  Like ice cream flavored nail polish, lipstick (for Little Miss), and Glow Sticks, Nature books and such for “S”.


We swam till we were shriveled prunes and then we got back in.


The big kids played nerf gun battles till the bullets somehow disappeared.



I had to strong arm the kids to go to the beach one day.  They didn’t want to leave their cousins, but I knew they would love it once they saw the water.



We were able to visit two friends from High School.  After talking while our kids swam, I realized that Natalie and I haven’t seen each other since High School. It was nice to be able to catch way up, sharing condolences for both of our Father’s early deaths, and the many changes in life and family since 1996. Amparo and I still keep up and it was good for her to get to meet Little Miss.


More swimming (my brother, his son and Momma)


Chris took us out to McCook one of the last days.  I remember those long drives to team ropings with my Dad, and wishing I didn’t have to be there.  This was different, nice.  We went out to the deer lease and “S” was able to do some target shooting. He loved it and did really good.


Then the incredibly long drive home – ugh! We are flying next time.  (sorry for the up the nose shot)