House Renovation, McAllen, Texas

Holly and I designed the renovation of this ranch house in McAllen, Texas. The Owners (happen to be our Brother & Sister-in-Law) liked their home but wanted a facelift facing the street, kitchen renovation and an addition for a greatroom and master bedroom suit.  This was a fun project because my brother and sister-in-law are possibly the most trusting and kind clients. Also, they love pretty wallpaper and beautiful casework, so we were in heaven! We later came back and helped with the design of their pool and pergola.

Before Renovation – Front

We hope you like seeing these photos of our work. It is a beautiful home and we love getting to visit!

Designers: Holly Hawkins & Stephanie Stewart


Getting Away

I decided to head down to McAllen for a long weekend. It all started with a dentist visit and referral to an Orthodontist. Since my brother is the best Orthodontist, we took this as a sign – road trip! 

Holly and I are also helping him build onto his office and we needed better pictures of their house reno too.
Bonus- it happened to be my nieces’ 13th birthday.

We took a quick trip out to the ranch. Our little man eats up this kind of adventure- hunting, fishing, airsoft wars…

This has been a much needed trip and a gift from God. Big thank you to my Brother for hosting us on such a jam packed weekend.


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