Day trip, Vicksburg and back road sightings

I went to visit a job site today down in Vicksburg. I was by myself , which lately I crave alone time, so I was able to stop and take pictures of whatever I wanted. There was no one else to entertain or consider, pretty out the ordinary for me. 

This was my welcome entrance into town. I love a narrow road and brick detailing is my love language. Just kidding.

Then I did some historic attic investigation.

Checked this beaut out.

And then I just drove the streets marveling.

I drove out hwy 61 with vines hanging from the trees and truckers whizzing by.

I saw some soy beans, train cars and lots of clear skies.

I stopped in Satartia to get a drink and revisited this classic home. Right across the street is the convenience store/cafe. The sign beside the door had to be captured.

*except during hunting season!

I stopped in Goodman to check out the auditorium. I ended up in the gym, oh well. 

Here’s the auditorium. It’s pretty.

The chair detail makes me think of a whale’s mouth. So neat.

So it was a good day.