Lake trips and a grand imagination

We are going for a quick trip to the Lake.  This lake has a beach and slides and even some  70’s style accommodations.

I’m gonna give you some insight into my vacation planning abilities and previous vacation history.

I hate planning vacations.  I crazy love spontaneous road trips, where we have no idea where we are going, where we are going to sleep at night and where we leave room for chance encounters with amazing new friends.  It makes me feel young and carefree.  It makes my husband feel like I’m being careless.  He sees no fun in spontaneous road trips.

So, now that we have kids, and it’s taken me 8 years to get here, I try to plan our vacations.  The only way I can muscle through is to imagine (pretend) that the Lake is really the resort from Dirty Dancing, and I’m Baby and Bill is Patrick Swayze and we are going to dance the night away (when the kids go to bed).  Oops – did I reveal too much?  images (2)


This is where my mind goes.  To say it’s a bit unrealistic is just down right laughable.

We have a good time, especially the kids, but it’s not real romantic.  If you happen to see us at the lake, just know that I’m waiting for this song to queue up any minute.

Life’s funny, especially if your already laughing.


*Bill just confirmed that he hated Dirty Dancing.