E-Design Work, Kitchen Reno

*Steph here*

A week or so ago I let our Instagram and Facebook friends know that e-design would be the perfect gift for Christmas.

Here is the first e-design from the pre-Christmas invite.

I really enjoyed working on this project. To confirm the new kitchen layout we showed several options before this option was chosen.

I particularly love the incorporation of a fireplace in the new dining room.

If you have questions about e-design you can email stephstewart@att.net


Storefront / Retail Design

*Holly Here*

This is my most popular pin on Pinterest. Bookstore Storefront Pin

Storefronts I’ve always wanted to help design a new store space for a client. Making an entry and view lite into a retail space is a key element to draw and retain shoppers. If I’m dreaming here, I might as well say, a bookstore or coffee shop would be fun.

Click the image above to go to my Pinterest Storefront board.

Here are some other great storefronts.



Railings and Codes, oh my!

Yesterday afternoon I was working with a colleague on designing a new ramp railing for a historic courthouse. There are plenty of railing types already on the project, so the challenge is to add a handrail that compliments the existing and really kind of goes away too. 

So, went to Pinterest to get so ideas flowing. Want to see some? ( *many of these do not meet the code requirements that we are working under, but they help get the ideas coming.)


Family House, plan

I’m working for a friend to design the house she had in her head.  You know what I mean, she dreamed of the spaces, but couldn’t find an already created plan that was compatible with those images.  She and her husband are really nice and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them better through this process.

She also happens to take care of us when we are sick…and pull blue crayons out of my kids ears.

This is not the final plan, but I wanted you to see how cute this family farmhouse is going to be.

2016.6.29elevations1 copy

2016.6.29floorplans copy

Do remember the den renovation that I designed for my friend?  Well, the sliding door is about to be hung, so final pics are coming soon.

Also, I just need to say Happy 4th of July!




Den for a Friend

I was asked by a thoughtful Dad to help his daughter with her den.  She also happens to be one of my good friends.  All this planning for her new Den was a birthday present.

So, I pulled together an inspiration board to see if my intuition was on track with her thoughts about the space.

Here is the inspiration board.


She’s got a big stack of the Lowes tile, shown above, in her living room.  I did a little shopping for the space. Here are few of the pieces.


Threshold Accent Tables


Threshold Fretwork Rug


Threshold Metallic Geo Sweater Knit Throw


Threshold Wood Look Lamp Base  – we picked out a dark gray woven lamp shade.


Nate Berkus Burlap Curtain Panels

One wall is brick, so it got a good whitewash.  The other walls are a dark gray and we decided to keep them until everything comes together.  If we see that they need to be painted, we can do that pretty quickly.  We still have a good bit to put together after the flooring goes down.  I’ll keep you posted.


*Target did not sponsor this post, but they can if they would like!

A home

I used to struggle with finding real value in my work, in design.  At times, it seems frivolous.  Not really important in the eternal.  Honestly, it can be a struggle not to get bogged down in trend.  But, Thanksgiving brought me right again.

I’ve been telling you, but not really showing you the changes to our Stewart Ranchito House (W House Reno).  It’s consumed my thoughts and finances for awhile, and it was all worth it.  To be able to sit down together, our whole extended Mississippi Family and eat, laugh, and comfortably stay together was food for my soul.

When my husband cranked up the music and we all started singing along…pure joy!

So, it may seem silly, but when design ushers in a way for family to get together, Thanksgiving to be a real family event, and one of my dreams to be met, then it’s valuable.

Christmas is coming.  Are you ready?

Jones Design Company has these super cute, free printables for Christmas.  Go check them out!


Are you looking for some fresh encouragement?  I’ve been listening to  The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast.


I’m hoping to listen to #65 today!

Happy Wednesday!


Little Sister’s Room

So, Little Sister’s room decor came together really well back before she was born and then when when we moved it was revamped. FYI-Older brother painted the artwork in here. Now that she’s getting older ( and much more personality) it’s not quite her anymore.
Don’t get me wrong she has the sass that these vibrant colors imply, but they just don’t fit her right. The scheme is a little like a perfume someone else picks out for you- pretty but missing something.
So, until she can design her own room, I’m going to help her out. 😉
This is my idea of Little Sister’s room

This was from an old country living magazine- so ikea doesn’t make that cute blue Polk-a-dot anymore. They do make this cute buffalo check though, and the price is right.

Finding the other fabrics is going to be so fun ( except the toile will be replaced with a more fun pattern)! Steph