Little Sister’s Room

So, Little Sister’s room decor came together really well back before she was born and then when when we moved it was revamped. FYI-Older brother painted the artwork in here. Now that she’s getting older ( and much more personality) it’s not quite her anymore.
Don’t get me wrong she has the sass that these vibrant colors imply, but they just don’t fit her right. The scheme is a little like a perfume someone else picks out for you- pretty but missing something.
So, until she can design her own room, I’m going to help her out. 😉
This is my idea of Little Sister’s room

This was from an old country living magazine- so ikea doesn’t make that cute blue Polk-a-dot anymore. They do make this cute buffalo check though, and the price is right.

Finding the other fabrics is going to be so fun ( except the toile will be replaced with a more fun pattern)! Steph