This year Christmas feels different. First, we will get to have a real Christmas tree this year and I am so excited about it. But that’s not the only thing, I’m finally studying Advent.

This past Sunday was the first day of advent and our Church served communion, it felt purposeful and special. It also helped that Chad and I got a chuckle when Birdie “yummed” audibly when she ate the bread.

Steph and I are reading through a couple of resources and we wanted to invite you jump in and study along with us.

  • She Reads Truth – Advent Study

You can follow along on their website for free or download the app and purchase the study for a few bucks.

Christmas Break

We have had an eventful Christmas break.
(I’m about to go to my Sister’s house and watch DOWNTON ABBEY!!)

Holly and I are helping my brother and Sister- in-law with a pool design. Super fun!

This is the basic design, so we are working on fun details like brick detailing and hot-tub/pool connections. This is one of the ideas for the hot -tub detail.


Then we received the most amazing little gift, when Holly had her baby a few days after Christmas.


Then, we had an adventure! The kids wanted to stay in a hotel. Really, Sproles is the one that kept asking, ” are we ever going to get to stay in a hotel again?”
So, we drove to the closest hotel and had the full experience. We did it all- the pool, exercise room, room service and staying up late! Merry Christmas babies!











Bless you and we hope you are well,

Jesus Calling

This was my first present this year, and I love it. Holly gave this to me and our friends. My Grandmother told Holly about it, and I’m so glad she did.

On Christmas Eve this devotion was so helpful. It brought all our circumstances back into the light of who God is. Also, I don’t know about you, but I have a bit of a need for Justice, and God’s truth always brings that under control.
Christmas brought EARLY morning construction projects ( vintage pink kitchen, drum set, and train set ). We had a good time working together to get the kids presents together.
After eating this baked French toast ( which was loved by all) we ventured into the front living room to open gifts. It was fun, sweet and a little chaotic. I began to realize the urgency and necessity of a bigger family room. Hoping to start that addition soon.
I hope that you have had a joyous Christmas and that this new year is filled with the Lord’s provision and peace.

P.S.- this holiday has allowed us to get together with friends. We always have a good time together!




Work, fun – yep it’s all the same thing and Thanksgiving

I’ve had a lot of fun lately working. Well, it’s a little different in that it’s for family.

Bought Furniture & picked out more fabric for my sister-in-law.

The lamp and side tables are not part of the scheme and there is another piece if artwork that matches the one on the wall. We also selected fabric for the pillows on the couch today ( those pillows went with another couch).
I worked on Rin’s room yesterday ( it’s not all done though)



The little owl lamp is an unexpected favorite.
We also had a wonderful thanksgiving at my sister- in- laws house. The kids loved playing and running around her house. Claire my niece had decorated and cooked! Really, she’s a doll.


Then we started decorating for Christmas! daddy and I had a little bit of a scare with the tree, but it all came together and only one of my fingers is smashed ;). Only kidding


Little man bad wanted the colored lights somewhere and the boys room needed some more cheer. I think it turned out cute.
I hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving.

Revamped Little Sister’s Room

So, I’ve been thinking a lot more about Little Sister’s room.  Mulling it over and I’ve come to some new decisions.

I ordered this fabric on (they are having a huge sale right now – 50% off any 1 item).  When you are buying cut fabric, they consider the whole cut length as one item, so I got this great Robert Allen fabric for 4.99 a yard!!!

rins room

I plan to pair it with a cute pink pattern


and maybe a bolster out of this-


I have a pink duvet cover from Ikea that I’ve always liked and I’m going to revamp it for her bedspread.

Then I want to make a short canopy kind of like this


Then, I hope to paint the mats and frames on the artwork in her room Gold or Gold/Pink.  I kind of like this look too.

rins room2

Then I’m thinking about fun projects for the Art’s Group here in town.  Aren’t these ornaments cute!


Y’all have a great weekend.