Newest Favorite things

Just for fun, I thought I’d share some of my newest great finds.

These Shoes. I know at first glance you may think they remind you of something a grandma would wear ( that’s what my Mom said anyway) but they are really cute on, and the perfect height and most importantly I will actually wear them because they are COMFORTABLE!

JBU Chloe sandal. I lucked out and got mine on sale at Macy’s.  I think you can get them in gray and tan too.

A few weeks ago I had this wonderful experience of shopping, alone at a Sephora.  Too bad it wasn’t for me.  I had to pick up a Fathers Day present for Bill and they gave me a sample of this amazing face cream.  It smells minerally and wonderful, plus it keeps my kind of dry skin hydrated.  I think I’ve got Holly hooked on it too.  


When Holly and I went to the Mississippi Heritage Trust Awards a few weeks ago she wore this cute dress.  She bought this Emma Rose dress online and raved about how great it fit and how easy it was to wear. Because we are twins, I had to buy one for myself too, but in another color. Mine is Bruce Trojan Blue for Daddy’s football team.  (*I think they run small, so check the sizing)

We have a new snow cone stand in town and they hide ice cream in their icy wonderfullness. I think they call it a stuffed snow cone.  If you are in town, you must try Frost Bites on Hwy 9.  I’ve gotten vanilla ice cream in a coconut snow cone and also chocolate ice cream in a banana snow cone.  Both were totally wonderful.

Do you have some favorite things to share? Please tell me.