W House Reno – updates, Lynn & Azarhia’s moving

We’ve been extremely busy with flag football, gymnastics and life, so I haven’t gotten around to all the unfinished projects still left to do on the house.  Another thing is, my older sister (Lynn) and her husband are moving…away.  I’ve been trying not to think about it because I don’t want to get upset and also, I know it’s the right thing.  It’s been so great having them close by for the last couple years, and seeing their business grow, and I know God has great things in store for them.


Lynn is one of those women who, if she were a man would have been intimidating, but as a woman can be down right awe inspiring.  She’s fierce and funny and the most tender-hearted person I know.  I think the people that have come face to face with her fierceness would be surprised to know that she openly cries over children not having enough and would giveaway almost anything to meet a need. She’s helped me learn how to parent her mini-me (Rin) with gentleness, purpose and celebration of God’s creation.

So, I’m looking forward to visiting Lynn & Eric in their new “headquarters” and seeing all the people and resources that God brings their way.  If you are a fan of their company Azarhia, be on the lookout for great things.



We love you Lynn and Eric.


Azarhia Seersucker Sport Shorts

These Seersucker Shorts have seen a good bit of success in some neat retail shops.  You can get yours at a retail shop or YOU CAN ORDER THEM ONLINE!  Go to www.azarhia.com to shop in the secure online store or you can order by email: Lynn@azarhia.com

When that package gets to your door, filled with SEERSUCKER – OH HAPPY DAY!

Here are a few images that retailers have taken of the Azarhia Seersucker Sport Shorts.



Happy Monday,


Other Design Work – Marketing

I’ve been helping my Sister with marketing for her company Azarhia.  It’s a fun, creative work and it’s rewarding to be able to help her show off her merchandise.

Go check out www.azarhia.com  where you can order retail or wholesale for your business.

Here are some snipits of the marketing images we have produced for Azarhia.

St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick’s Day


Greek Collections

Rug for Sale and some Christmas Cheer

I’m selling the rug that used to be in my Baby girl’s nursery. I don’t have a spot for it anymore. It’s a wool, 5 foot round rug, in good condition. It originally cost $100+. Selling for $45.


I was asked to write Azarhia’s Christmas Gifting note! What an honor to be asked- plus I got to write about my Grandma and her famous cake!

I hope you are having a great day. If not, make this 7 up cake!

Azarhia, new products

My older sister and her husband have this really great wholesale company.  They have created and done some really amazing things.  I just wanted to share in the hope that I might be able to support them.

They create some amazing hair accessories (many styles of bows, rosettes and headbands).  They have now started providing these cute scarves.

These scarves would be great gifts!  They are the right price point and perfect for personalization.  (Monogramming or heat stamping)

If you have a large or small retail business and would like to see these scarves.  Go check out their website  www.azarhia.com


You can also print this image, fill out your quantities and fax to 800-948-7041 or call Lynn at 662-258-7060 .  You can always email them at Lynn@azarhia.com

Double Boutique Bow
Double Boutique Bow
Single Boutique Bows in the new FALL COLORS
Single Boutique Bows in the new FALL COLORS
Licensed Greek Hairties & Products
Licensed Greek Hairties & Products


Large Standard Bows
Large Standard Bows

*Thanks for reading my plug for Azarhia!

(Also, they sponsored the Eupora Arts Inc,  Movie Under the Stars giveaway this weekend.  We are so thankful for their support!)



Junie B. Jones & Janitor

We have started a new book for our nightly reading.  We were reading Judy Blume’s book Henry & Beezus and it was too slow going.  That should tell you, we like exciting nighttime stories.  Then, during Children’s Church I found them, the Junie B. Jones series!  I do recall my sister-in-law telling me a long time ago that Junie B. is a hysterical girl.

We had to start with book three, “Junie B. Jones and her Big Fat Mouth”.   Junie B’s mouth does get her in trouble, then it also brings her some pretty amazing friends.  Like the Janitor at her school.  She just calls him Janitor, and he saves her from eating germy, ground candy.  Then they have this simple, interaction that is so touching.

“Now run along and play, ” he said. 

I did a bid sigh, “Yeah, only I can’t,” I said.  “Cause I shot off my big fat mouth in kindergarten. And then I got punishment. And now I hate my bestest friend Lucille.”

Janitor smiled a little bit sad. “Life is hard sometimes, isn’t it, sis? ” he said.

I bobbed my head up and down. “Yes,” I said. “Life is P.U.”

Then Janitor patted my head and he walked away.

And guess what?

I just like Janitor.

And that’s all.

Not to be silly, but sometimes life can be P.U. but there’s usually a “Janitor” around to save you from the germy, ground candy.

Today, I had LOTS of computer trouble, some other complications and my older sister, Lynn was my “Janitor”.  She was there to bring clarity, God truths and save me from the “germy, ground candy” called fear.


Thanks Lynnie – I love that you live here.  I love that we get to design together.




A Laugh and trip to Oxford

I really love to laugh – Holly and I have been told that our laughs are recognizable from long distances.  I don’t think it’s usually a compliment – but who cares.  Not me – hehe.

Sometimes when we need a good belly laugh we watch Jim Gaffigan.  So, yesterday afternoon while Girly Babe was sleeping and Oldest Babe was getting ready to take a nap, Bill turned it on.  I captured Bill laughing and thought you would get a giggle too.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151484377191816&set=vb.577561815&type=2&theater

Psalms 126:2 says, “Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”

Friday, Holly and I went with Lynn and Eric to Oxford.  It was a real treat and we had such a good time.  We ate breakfast at Big Bad Breakfast.  It was good – real good. This is me and Lynn, then Holly & Lynn in front of the restaurant.


We (the girls) went selling for www.azarhia.com while Eric photographed Rowan Oak.  IMG_3449[1]

Church was so nice on Sunday (Girly Babe wore the new dress I picked up for her in Oxford).  Daddy thought it was so cute he had to have a special picture made just the two of them.  You can’t really see the dress that much in this picture though.  It has little strawberries in the smocking.IMG_3506[1]

Hope you are having a day filled with laughter (if not, just find a Jim Gaffigan video!)