Pretty Fabric and Art

I just felt like this day may need to start with some beautiful art. 

F Schumacher -Featherfest wallpaper

Abstract Art- Lucy Williams

Art Gallery Fabric

Art Gallery fabric ( voile)

Robert Roth

All I have need thy hand hath provided. Great is thy faithfulness.

Please consider the beauty God created today and all the ways he is calling out to you.


Life Arts Project

I’m part of our local arts group and we have started a special project this January. It’s called Life Arts Project. 

We are hoping to show the art in everyday life through the Instagram tool!

It’s easy, we are just asking photos to be tagged with #euporalife, then at the end of the month we will combine all the photos on a large poster to be displayed in our Theater Building ( BLY Fine Arts Theater).

Here are some of the first few posts!

Happy Day Y’all!