This year Christmas feels different. First, we will get to have a real Christmas tree this year and I am so excited about it. But that’s not the only thing, I’m finally studying Advent.

This past Sunday was the first day of advent and our Church served communion, it felt purposeful and special. It also helped that Chad and I got a chuckle when Birdie “yummed” audibly when she ate the bread.

Steph and I are reading through a couple of resources and we wanted to invite you jump in and study along with us.

  • She Reads Truth – Advent Study

You can follow along on their website for free or download the app and purchase the study for a few bucks.

A little more on Christmas

We have a cute lime green mini tree that my Sister- in-law gave me a few years back and also the advent “Jesse tree” ornaments to go on it. We love it. We read one story each night, sing hymns and talk about what God did by sending Jesus to the earth. This year we hope to expand on our celebration during the days leading up to Christmas by using our beloved Jesus Storybook Bible. Here is a link to the reading list