Lake trips and a grand imagination

We are going for a quick trip to the Lake.  This lake has a beach and slides and even some  70’s style accommodations.

I’m gonna give you some insight into my vacation planning abilities and previous vacation history.

I hate planning vacations.  I crazy love spontaneous road trips, where we have no idea where we are going, where we are going to sleep at night and where we leave room for chance encounters with amazing new friends.  It makes me feel young and carefree.  It makes my husband feel like I’m being careless.  He sees no fun in spontaneous road trips.

So, now that we have kids, and it’s taken me 8 years to get here, I try to plan our vacations.  The only way I can muscle through is to imagine (pretend) that the Lake is really the resort from Dirty Dancing, and I’m Baby and Bill is Patrick Swayze and we are going to dance the night away (when the kids go to bed).  Oops – did I reveal too much?  images (2)


This is where my mind goes.  To say it’s a bit unrealistic is just down right laughable.

We have a good time, especially the kids, but it’s not real romantic.  If you happen to see us at the lake, just know that I’m waiting for this song to queue up any minute.

Life’s funny, especially if your already laughing.


*Bill just confirmed that he hated Dirty Dancing.

Junkin and Stinky Van

Today, Holly and I did what we have been wanting to do for about 6 months…we went junkin.  We drove out to Spring Hill to get an antique/primitive mantel for her house.  Turned out that we didn’t have the right keys so I had to crawl through a window to get into the storehouse.  As a reward Holly took my picture with her new mantle.


We had to ride around in my van that smelled like death.  Really, like something had died under the hood somewhere.  I had already looked several times, but saw nothing.  So, when we got to Holly’s house site to deliver the mantle, I asked the Guys to see if they could find the dead animal.


This is a picture of us trying to see the undercarriage of my fancy Honda Odyssey.  No visible animal parts, but the stink was overwhelming.  Brandon looked under the hood again and found a mature Robin.  Boohoo.  I’m glad that it’s no longer riding along with me though.

Happy Thursday Friends,


Tomato (neighbor) Pie

My neighbor friend Charlene and I were discussing old timey recipes for our next get together and she mentioned tomato pie. I’d never had it, so I demanded her recipe ( which was from a former neighbor).  Naturally, I decided to make two. One pie for us, one for our neighbors, but I forgot to buy the cheese so I had to borrow it from Charlene.

Sliced tomatoes in a baked pie crust.

Bacon! Lots of salty Bacon.

Then sprinkle that goodness on top of the tomatoes.

Then, yep-you add this French delicacy to the top. You can find Dean’s French Onion Dip in specialty grocery stores like SuperValu or PigglyWiggly.  Half the carton for each pie.

Then add your neighbor’s shredded cheese on top and bake for 35 minutes at 350.

Then eat one by yourself and share the other with your Neighbor!

This pie makes better communities and you will be a better person if you make two.


Happy Birthday -Hot Mess

A friend of ours makes these delicious and fun cakes! I saw this picture of a cake ( which I wish was mine) on her Instagram feed ( handle: lpaigeh ).  If you live anywhere near south Texas you really must try her white cake. It’s the most tasty, moist and just the right amount of sugary white cake.  Our brother thinks there is some almond extract in there somewhere, but whatever is in it, it works! 

So, I saw that “Happy Birthday Hot Mess” cake and thought of my Twinner. It’s our birthday week, and we are going to be 39 in a few days! I have to repeat what our office manager told my gynecologist ( it’s a small town-it always gets back to you) “The Twins will always be teenagers!” 

I really feel like we live young at heart, but Holly, if I ever see you looking hopeless or draggin rear -I’m going to remind you, your too young to act that way!

Happy Birthday Twinner ( you, hot mess you)


*I think you can order her cupcakes at Barn White ( McAllen) 956-687-7637

Our Girlie is all Rainbows and Unicorns

So our little Girlie is having a party.  She’s been talking about a Rainbow Unicorn party for months.  I’m a little ashamed to admit that I tried to sway her toward a more classy, designed theme but she knows herself.  RAINBOWS  & UNICORNS it had to be.

Not to get mushy, but our girl is fierce, pretty, and opinionated.  She does a good job at challenging me for Head Lady of the House, and knows how to make her Daddy’s face move from a frown to a smile.  Her power is notable!  She was born in a time of extremes – our family was torn, but our spirits were high and the Lord has blessed, saved,and healed more than we can even comprehend.

Her name  means Victorious Praise, and Singing.  The meaning I hope makes up for the unending mispronunciations of strangers, and my weird nicknaming obsession (Rindinner, Rindin, Rin, Rinny, Girlie…)

Happy Birthday, you world changer you!





Christmas Vacation Movie Jam

During the Christmas vacation, which is not over (jam dancing while writing), I’ve been watching movies.  For me, this is like living dangerously and loving it.

So I started off with a gift movie from our office manager.


*It’s funny and has a good natured, “Mom, chill out” theme.

Then I moved onto this series.  I watched all the first season while nursing a little girl through the every 2 hour throw ups.

home fires

Now I’m starting the three disc set of POLDARK! I’m so excited and since it’s vacation, I’m gonna pretend I’m back in college and stay up all night! I kind of hate to rush through watching it, but it’s going to happen.


So, do you have any suggestions for what else I should watch?   Please tell me because I have several more days to cram in frivolous movie watching.


Christmas Portraits

I’ve been wanting Holly to take pictures of the kids for our Christmas Card.

I don’t want to spoil the actual Christmas Card selections, so I’m just going to share some funny out takes.




I guess she had enough of the boys antics!
I guess she had enough of the boys antics! Back to the car she goes.

The chair the Kiddos are sitting in is from my sister Lynn.  She left it in my carport when she moved to Texas – score for me!

Holly ended up using it in her Christmas pictures too.

Have a good night.


Kansas City

Today is my last day in Kansas City.  I’m here for the Association for Preservation Technology’s annual conference.

I’ve learned so much in the conference and then just around the city. On our first night in town the Royals decided to pull out the win for the World Series!  We had to be a part of that party.

We walked all over town and enjoyed the efforts of current and past designers whose work endures.


 I’ve missed my family and am excited to get home.