Green Friday, it’s all the daffodil stems shooting up!

February in Mississippi is highlighted by the glorious beginning of daffodil season.  Right now we are just at the beginning and the pretty green shoots are starting to push their way through the brown, dead grass.

The green addition to the drab landscape has pushed the color green to the forefront of my mind.  (I’m sure I’ll do a “yellow” post in a few weeks when they start blooming).

Happy Friday, Friends!


*the images are not mine, and you can find the originals on pinterest.


Keig, Scotland

*Holly here

Today a colleague showed me pictures that the resident of Forbes Castle in Keig, Scotland sent her when her family inquired about their genealogy – Forbes Clan. We immediately looked for the Castle on google maps and while driving around (virtually) we found this beautiful church.

*I may have searched the cost of flights to Scotland just after finding the Church.*

Forbes Tartan

For more on The Castle Forbes: The Castle Forbes

Happy Weekend,


Friend Baby

Our friend is about to have her baby. I walked across the street yesterday afternoon to borrow a wrench and she was counting. Counting the intervals between pains!

I wanted her to have one of those cute door hanger things, but it was extremely last minute. Not sure why I don’t plan ahead better!

Well, I decided to go ahead and make one myself. I used my Rhonna app on my phone then printed it. ( Rinnah is holding it up in this picture)

I’m looking across the street right now and her car is gone. She’s either at church (which we skipped because of kid sniffles) or at the hospital.

I can’t wait to hold her sweet baby girl.


* follow up*

She went to church! I think it’s start and stop for the pains. So we are all in that terribly uncomfortable ( mostly her) stage of waiting.

Sister Addition

A few months back I made some comments about Holly (my twin sister) being a part of this blog.  So, it’s official, she will be writing here as well. Just think of Silent Stubborns as being written by the “the twins.”

In honor of this official Sister addition to the blog, our friend Charlene took some photos of us.  It also felt like a good idea to memorialize this, our 40th year with some twin photos.

Welcome to Silent Stubborns – Holly!!   *She will be writing soon.

Be on the lookout for new blog posts.


We partied

Well, I had been anticipating turning fourty since I turned 39. I was anxious and also excited about the milestone with a bit of sadness about not fully appreciating family moments along the way. There were parties that weren’t attended and promises not kept in the name of “I’ve got too much work to do.” This milestone got me to think about where values are placed and what I need to change. 

We also had a super fun party!

There was country music, fajitas, borracho beans and much more. The kids ran around the place having a ball. It was the best kind of celebration. Thank you to all who took the time to come and celebrate with us! 

Also, turns out Holly and I bought each other the same birthday gift. Seriously- we did not know what the other had planned. This is what we bought. 

We went to church the next morning and Bill sang a beautiful song. ​Then we had a birthday party before my Brother had to leave town. 

Love from all us,


Getting Away

I decided to head down to McAllen for a long weekend. It all started with a dentist visit and referral to an Orthodontist. Since my brother is the best Orthodontist, we took this as a sign – road trip! 

Holly and I are also helping him build onto his office and we needed better pictures of their house reno too.
Bonus- it happened to be my nieces’ 13th birthday.

We took a quick trip out to the ranch. Our little man eats up this kind of adventure- hunting, fishing, airsoft wars…

This has been a much needed trip and a gift from God. Big thank you to my Brother for hosting us on such a jam packed weekend.


*more to follow on the office and house reno projects. Follow me on Pinterest and Instagram too.

My Matilda Jane Party was FUN

We had such a great time visiting during the Matilda Jane party tonight.  I need to say thank you to all my friends who came and ate snacks, and shopped. Also, a big thank you to Kelsey Johnson!  I decided to take candid shopping photos-see below.

I heard that Matilda Jane will have a reveal soon with special designs by Joanna Gaines. I can’t wait.

Goodnight, Stephanie

Day trip, Vicksburg and back road sightings

I went to visit a job site today down in Vicksburg. I was by myself , which lately I crave alone time, so I was able to stop and take pictures of whatever I wanted. There was no one else to entertain or consider, pretty out the ordinary for me. 

This was my welcome entrance into town. I love a narrow road and brick detailing is my love language. Just kidding.

Then I did some historic attic investigation.

Checked this beaut out.

And then I just drove the streets marveling.

I drove out hwy 61 with vines hanging from the trees and truckers whizzing by.

I saw some soy beans, train cars and lots of clear skies.

I stopped in Satartia to get a drink and revisited this classic home. Right across the street is the convenience store/cafe. The sign beside the door had to be captured.

*except during hunting season!

I stopped in Goodman to check out the auditorium. I ended up in the gym, oh well. 

Here’s the auditorium. It’s pretty.

The chair detail makes me think of a whale’s mouth. So neat.

So it was a good day.


Newest Favorite things

Just for fun, I thought I’d share some of my newest great finds.

These Shoes. I know at first glance you may think they remind you of something a grandma would wear ( that’s what my Mom said anyway) but they are really cute on, and the perfect height and most importantly I will actually wear them because they are COMFORTABLE!

JBU Chloe sandal. I lucked out and got mine on sale at Macy’s.  I think you can get them in gray and tan too.

A few weeks ago I had this wonderful experience of shopping, alone at a Sephora.  Too bad it wasn’t for me.  I had to pick up a Fathers Day present for Bill and they gave me a sample of this amazing face cream.  It smells minerally and wonderful, plus it keeps my kind of dry skin hydrated.  I think I’ve got Holly hooked on it too.  


When Holly and I went to the Mississippi Heritage Trust Awards a few weeks ago she wore this cute dress.  She bought this Emma Rose dress online and raved about how great it fit and how easy it was to wear. Because we are twins, I had to buy one for myself too, but in another color. Mine is Bruce Trojan Blue for Daddy’s football team.  (*I think they run small, so check the sizing)

We have a new snow cone stand in town and they hide ice cream in their icy wonderfullness. I think they call it a stuffed snow cone.  If you are in town, you must try Frost Bites on Hwy 9.  I’ve gotten vanilla ice cream in a coconut snow cone and also chocolate ice cream in a banana snow cone.  Both were totally wonderful.

Do you have some favorite things to share? Please tell me.