Joy in the morning

*Holly here

We have just come through a difficult season.  We had hoped I would be expecting another baby, but our second try at IVF was unsuccessful and even though I knew that was possible, I was shocked, hurt and disappointed.  

Perfect timing – Chad planned a great vacation and I needed it so badly.  The first morning I took Birdie to the indoor pool to swim and as we visited with another family in the pool, I felt God gently showing me that none of us are free from pain or disappointment.  I remembered the part of Psalm 30:5 that Lynn, my sister, mentioned recently ( while talking me through a big cry / feel sorry for myself phone call)

“… weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning” Psalm 30:5

We had such a great vacation.  ( by the way, he is a great planner of vacations – my idea of vacation planning is getting in the car and hoping we come across something great – not great). 

Our first stop was the St. Louis Zoo and it was free to get in.

Then we took her to The Magic House.  If you can get to the St. Louis area, you need to stop here!  

He rented a room at Big Cedar Lodge for a few nights and we drove down to the Branson area from St. Louis.  The beautiful landscapes and mountain views felt healing  and a reminder to my heart of God’s love and care.  Matt 6:28-30

The view from our room

Floating down the lazy river

I had to see this chapel on the property, when I saw it in the brochure.  We were walking through it and Chad said something like ” this looks like you designed it” – what a compliment!  I also took some pictures of it, after dinner our last night there.

It is vacation season and I hope you can have memory making experiences ( even if at home) like we did. 

Blessings to you,


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  1. Holly, I was so moved reading this. Reminded me of our struggle, seven years before we had Rett! I am praying for you. Birdie is so precious! (I know I’m not technically her aunt, but let’s not tell her, Okay?)
    Love you,

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