Christmas Break

We have had an eventful Christmas break.
(I’m about to go to my Sister’s house and watch DOWNTON ABBEY!!)

Holly and I are helping my brother and Sister- in-law with a pool design. Super fun!

This is the basic design, so we are working on fun details like brick detailing and hot-tub/pool connections. This is one of the ideas for the hot -tub detail.


Then we received the most amazing little gift, when Holly had her baby a few days after Christmas.


Then, we had an adventure! The kids wanted to stay in a hotel. Really, Sproles is the one that kept asking, ” are we ever going to get to stay in a hotel again?”
So, we drove to the closest hotel and had the full experience. We did it all- the pool, exercise room, room service and staying up late! Merry Christmas babies!











Bless you and we hope you are well,

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